Lunes, Marso 5, 2012

Confessions of a (Friendzoned) Girl's Guy Best Friend

(Before we get to the rest of the blog, watch this video first.)

*Friend Zone:
What you attain after you fail to impress a woman you're attracted to. Usually initiated by the woman saying, "You're such a good friend". Usually associated with long days of suffering and watching your love interest hop from one bad relationship to another.

Been there, done that. How about you?

Let me just say it is VERY HARD to hide what you're truly feeling for him/her, especially after spending such a long time together. It always comes to a point where you just HAVE to let the other person know. But then the question comes: What happens when he/she knows?

Most of the time, he/she will turn you down.

I remember that date I had with my best friend (who's a girl, hence the title of this blog). It happened on December 28, 2011. I wanted to spend some time with her before the Christmas Break ends. She happily agreed. We decided to meet at SM Fairview on that day, which is a 2 hour journey from my home. I arrived there at exactly 12 noon. She was already waiting for me at the Activity Center. We ate at Shakey's, bought her a post-Christmas gift at the department store, and treated her for ice cream at Dairy Queen.

As we were chowing down on the desert, I looked at her. Should I really tell her or not? If I do, it changes everything in our relationship. Well, I did.

"BF*, I'm in love with you."

(* = It's our term of endearment for each other.)

Her EXACT reply? "Hay nako JM! Itigil mo nga yan!"

From there she told me that I'm not the first of her best friends that felt the same way. As she said, "Ganap ka nang best friend ko, BF." That kind of reaction somehow made me feel more comfortable. But, things haven't been the same since then. After I told her, I asked her if she'll tell her boyfriend about this. (Yes, she has a boyfriend!) She said, "He'll just laugh it off." It's been months since that day and communication has been rather sparse. I don't know how he handled it, but I'm pretty sure he told her to keep distance from me.

Now, I'd like to get to the main point. What's it like to be "in the friend zone"? Let me tell you, it's F****** HARSH! Do you you have any idea how it feels to love someone so much and yet you see that person in a picture with their REAL partner? Do you have any idea how it feels to see your best friend, together with their partner, snuggle close to each other? Do you have any idea how it feels to know that you can't have that person no matter how hard you try? In my case, I was friendzoned right from the start! When we became best friends, she told me that she doesn't like her guy friends to become her boyfriend. And I haven't fallen for her yet!

It felt like this:

No other words could describe it. It's just F****** frustrating. Another thing, being friendzoned has a profound effect on how you see couples. For instance, whenever I see a couple having a sweet time together, this is how I feel in my head:

A more accurate image would be this:

In the end, I can't really do anything about it. So I just end up looking like this:

A pitiful sight, really.

As of now, there is no definite way to "get out" of the "friendzone". One just has to accept it. I learned that just recently. Crying and whining will NEVER solve the problem. It only makes things worse. In fact, it creates a barrier for you. Since you feel so dragged because your close friend "friendzoned" you, I don't really think anyone will find you approachable. Just focus on the happy times you two spent together. After all, who would want a person whose face says "OMG-I-GOT-FRIENDZONED-NO-ONE-ELSE-DESERVES-ME-BUT-HIM/HER"?

Just think of those times you spent together. . .

. . . when you compliment him/her:

. . . when you two "play" together:

. . . when both of you hope and pray that you both pass a tough obstacle in life:

. . . when you celebrate the good things in life, whatever the occasion:

. . . and of course, when he/she compliments YOU:

. . . Okay, maybe that last one is exaggerated. This is how I look whenever she compliments me:

I guess some people aren't just meant to be together. People come and go in life. I'm not an exception to that. Whoever my partner will be, she'll come at the right time, in the right place.

Who knows, maybe she's just right next to me. . .

'Till next time! :-)

- Pictures: Tumblr and 9gag
- Video: Check out "YourFavoriteMartian" on YouTube for of their videos!
- My best friend, for "inspiring" me to write this

One last thing, here's a picture of me and my best friend. This was taken on April 6, 2011. It was her birthday that day.

I gave her that shirt as a present. :">

Her name is Sarah, by the way.